[OSM-talk] undeleting ways?

malenki me at malenki.ch
Sun Feb 8 07:05:26 GMT 2009

Am Tue, 3 Feb 2009 12:27:26 +0100
schrieb MP <singularita at gmail.com>:

>Any clues how to "undelete" stuff deleted by someone else?

get Potlatch running


Retrieve lost data with planetosm-excerpt-tags.pl and
planetosm-excerpt-area.pl parsing an older worldfile (or better partly
file, if exist) containing the deleted items. 

The latter I did one time with my E6600 4GB RAM, SATA-disks, no raid.
Uncompress lasted several hours: 4,5GB => 92,2GB, the parsing about 1,5+

I did this mostly out of curiosity, just for having done something like
that one time. ^^
Nevertheless I could restore the missing waterway=river


Maybe there are other methods - I don't know them.

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