[OSM-talk] amenity=doctor or amenity=doctors ? [tagging]

Yann Coupin yann at coupin.net
Mon Feb 23 10:38:38 GMT 2009

Le 23 févr. 09 à 11:26, Dave Stubbs a écrit :

> So my question is this: given that there /are/ two tags in use, why go
> to all the effort to change it? Document both and be done with it.

And this is helping the data not to turn into a pile of grey goo,  
how ? This is exactly what's damaging the database's content value.  
Because it makes the data in it unusable. Next thing you know, someone  
in Germany will tag doctors office "hartz" and someone in France  
"docteur", those tags' use will spread and the data will be a mess.

So unless your goal in life is to enter as much data as possible and  
never, ever, do something useful with it: DON'T DUPLICATE TAGS !!!


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