[OSM-talk] Canvec2osm -264 tags needed to be confirmed

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Wed Feb 25 11:16:03 GMT 2009

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 02:38:19AM -0800, Sam Vekemans wrote:
> Thanks, Cool, i have switched the "CanVec:" to "canvec:" as that makes sense
> :)
> and maybe, it makes sense, the CanVec the features are listed as 2 uppercase
> letters.
> However, I added it because i thought it would be more understood by the
> users, to quickly be able to  go to the wiki chart, as knowone would know
> "LX" is Places of Interest.  As i also included the discriptives for the
> provider.
> What about using the tag "canvec:THEME=BS_Buildings_and_Structures"? (i can
> agree on this change)
> However, looking at the geobase2osm script, I can see that for the KEY's
> yes, it's lowercase.  But for the Values, as long as it's consistent on
> every use.  So I think that spaces are fine to use.  After all, the purpose
> (of showing the full tag) is to show users that this data was imported, and
> from CanVec's "Buildings and structures" theme.

Most things like highway=living_street etc. use lower case and
underscores instead of spaces. Its a bit easier for scripts, but its not
really that big a deal. So
canvec:THEME=BS Buildings and Structures
would be ok, I guess. If I understand it correctly users would never
have to enter these, as they are only created on import. So there is no
big problem with users sometimes using upper and sometimes lower case.

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