[OSM-talk] License plan - better on legal@

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Fri Feb 27 16:49:33 GMT 2009

>> This announce as been made, I'd perfer you to continue talking  
>> about it on
>> legal.
> The legal details can be discussed on legal. But the matter of  
> informing
> or rather not informing the people concerned by this fits right here.
I think that makes a lot of sense. I really want to focus on the legal  
details of the licence on legal-talk to make sure that it works and is  
fair. It is also important for people on talk and on regional lists to  
make sure they are happy with the licence and then organise themselves  
contact all the top contributors in their areas and get them on side.

However .... if discussions of legal interpretation arise, such as  
'who's way is it' or 'what does this phrase mean' then this is  
probably better handled on legal-talk, although we are likely to just  
register it as a question to be answered by the legal people and shove  
it on the wiki until we get an answer from them!

Currently we still seem to have some big unknowns, but I am working on  
the parts of the jigsaw that I currently have access to (ie the ODbL  
licence itself and the factual licence).



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