[OSM-talk] New debian repository Structure on www.gpsdrive.de/debian

Joerg Ostertag (OSM Tettnang/Germany) openstreetmap at ostertag.name
Mon Jan 12 23:50:53 GMT 2009

Hi all users of debian based systems,

I started to use the new "build-cluster" here. So all the debian packages in
the repository got a fresh new build. 
 - I also seperated etch and lenny.
 - And started added some more platforms. (i386/amd64)
 - Also started with Ubuntu builds.
All this can now be installed by using the slightly modified sources.list.

More debian-based-compiles on the different platforms will follow these

PS.: Any modification to also let the debian packages compile and work on 
       additional Distributions is welcome.

Here are the still open combinations:
debian-etch-32/debuild.results:   bad:   gpsdrive-svn utils gosmore josm merkaartor opencarbox-svn
debian-lenny-32/debuild.results:   bad:   merkaartor opencarbox-svn
debian-lenny-64/debuild.results:   bad:   opencarbox-svn
ubuntu-hardy-32/debuild.results:   bad:   gpsdrive-svn maps merkaartor opencarbox-svn
ubuntu-hardy-64/debuild.results:   bad:   gpsdrive-svn maps utils josm merkaartor opencarbox-svn
ubuntu-intrepid-32/debuild.results:   bad:   maps opencarbox-svn
ubuntu-intrepid-64/debuild.results:   bad:   maps utils merkaartor opencarbox-svn

Jörg (Germany, Tettnang)


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