[OSM-talk] Upload of relation from JOSM fails

Erik Lundin erik.lundin at aol.se
Thu Jan 15 00:47:41 GMT 2009

Frederik Ramm skrev:
> The reason for this error is that the API will reject (with 
> "precondition failed") any relation which contains a way where one of 
> the nodes in that way is deleted.

> There may be other options, perhaps it is possible to download all 
> relation members in JOSM and check which is flagged "incomplete" 
> afterwards.

I downloaded all members in JOSM and saved to a file, and then wrote a 
script that checked that all nodes referenced from ways existed. 
Surprisingly I didn't find any references to non-existent nodes.

Except from that, I've cleaned the relation's ways from duplicate nodes 
etc., so there's no validation errors from the validator in JOSM. 
However, the problem is still there.


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