[OSM-talk] Upload of relation from JOSM fails

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at mmmtike.fi
Thu Jan 15 06:07:27 GMT 2009

Karl Eichwalder <ke <at> gnu.franken.de> writes:

> Frederik Ramm <frederik <at> remote.org> writes:
> > Dermot McNally wrote:
> >> I got this same error trying to operate on members of the relation for
> >> route E 201, which has more than 1000 members.
> > Please do not create relations of that size, it helps nobody.
> Yes, I think the same.  But what's the best way to split such a
> relation?  Long distance hiking routes tend to be that large and I'd
> like split them, e.g., the still incomplete "Frankenweg" in Franconia,
> Germany, that right now features more than 500 members and there are
> probably 1000 members to come.

Introducing a new 'relation collection' metarelation, that can have only
relations as members?
When it comes to E-highways I don't quite understand why to use relations at all
for them because they all have the int_ref tag end selecting everything tagged
as E 201 should give the same result. Or is it because some road sections are
belonging to more than one E-highway?

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