[OSM-talk] OSM2Go to become a Nokia "Fremantle star"

Till Harbaum / Lists lists at harbaum.org
Sat Jan 31 12:28:07 GMT 2009


Nokia picked some software projects which they want to put the focus on when
releasing their next-gen internet tabet units (the successors of todays n800/n810).
OSM2Go is one of the projects they chose:


The aspect they are most interested in seems to be the "interactivity" OSM provides.

This means that Nokia will be using an OSM editor to advertise for their plattform. This
is pretty interesting since they own Navteq and are thus about to advertise for/with 
some service competing with their own business.

Anyway, Nokia will promote an OSM tool. Free advertising is imho always good :-)


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