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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sat Jan 31 12:38:26 GMT 2009

On 31 Jan 2009, at 11:57, Sven Rautenberg wrote:

> Pieren schrieb:
>> The problem here is that Chriscf just wants to avoid that this tag is
>> used by others and never proposed some alternative solutions.
> The current voting is 19 yes and 10 no.
> If Chriscf cannot convince at least another 10 people to oppose this
> proposal, he must face the fact that he has been overruled.
> Chris: Organize more opposition, and nobody will complain about this  
> tag
> being rejected because too many people were against it. But do not put
> your single vote above all others.

I have no particular opinion either way as to this tag, however on the  
subject of voting, is the current rule that 51% is enough to get  
approval? As time goes on I suggest we could raise the requirement.  
Possibly one would need at least 20 votes for and also at least 80% in  
favour. This would increase the need to consult and get a consensus.  
Of course... it might mean that no one bothers to get tags voted on,  
but that it also fine, it might result in it not getting rendered as  
quickly though.

Is it also  worth getting an indication as to whether the coders of  
the rendering and routing engines actually intend to implement the  
proposed feature. I realise the process is meant to be easy even if it  
is messy, but a straight majority will allows tags to be adopted that  
are very controversial.

Possibly we also allow some tags 'on probation' and then pull them out  
if they don't get taken up within 6 months. On the subject of  
probation, here are some details about current usage of smoothness.  
This image shows who is tagging with this tag in Europe and where they  
are doing it.

I total of 180 people have used the 'smoothness' tag in Europe and of  
those 18 have used it more than 20 times. The tag has been used only   
21 times in the Americas and has not been used elsewhere in the world.

The following values have been used within Europe (including some typos)
value	way	node	total
bad	627	0	627
intermediate	622	0	622
good	559	0	559
excellent	233	0	233
very_bad	226	0	226
horrible	168	0	168
very_horrible	95	0	95
impassable	26	0	26
very bad	17	0	17
excelent	9	0	9
exellent	8	0	8
Bad	4	0	4
horible	1	0	1
catastrophic	1	0	1
empassable	1	0	1
very_good	1	0	1
yery horrible	1	0	1
very horrible	1	0	1




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