[OSM-talk] Wiki page for big data contributors needs updating

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Mar 14 09:52:00 GMT 2009


Simone Cortesi wrote:
> The problem I see is that I asked the various administrations for
> derivation rights under CC-BY-SA licence.
> Clearly I do not want to go back and ask them again for agreement
> under a new licence.

If the authorisation they have given you is reasonably wide-ranging (as 
in "your data is public anyway, feel free to import") then by all means 
leave it in. If it has been given to you under CC-BY-SA and you cannot 
be bothered to talk to them, then compile a list of people that have to 
be contacted and ask someone else from the Italian community to take 
over. If they say no, or cannot be contacted, then the data has to be 

I think that if your contribution was significant, e.g. the conversion 
work was non-trivial and a kind of creative act, then you have a say - 
this means you could say "no I will not relicense" even if the original 
government source says "fine with me", but not the other way round (you 
cannot say "sure I'll relicense" when they say no...)

BTW has anyone talked to the TIGER import people yet? Someone recently 
argued on the lists that the TIGER import was quite complex with all 
that un-braiding and so on, and that the TIGER data in our database 
could not be considered PD because the import process was a creative 
work in its own right. If this is true, then that would mean that those 
who did the import could now "just say no" and we'd then lose TIGER and 
everything that was since built on the import. I'd hazard the guess that 
this makes those who did the TIGER import some of the most powerful 
people in OSM at the moment ;)


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