[OSM-talk] Please

Liz edodd at billiau.net
Fri Oct 2 21:51:04 BST 2009

On Sat, 3 Oct 2009, Dave F. wrote:
> > and/or that you are posting too often.
> >
> > It's a social thing, not a logical rule, and unfortunately some people
> > just don't get it.
> >  
> I find it ironic that I keep on being told it's OPENstreetmap, where
> anything goes with the use of free form tags etc & yet get flamed for
> upsetting the sensibilities of someone by posting a few messages!!
> My posts weren't defamatory, abusive, racist or sexist. There were just
> there, harmless.

I was considering asking the question
If we have an anarchic OpenStreetMap
from where did the permission come for certain persons to be the moral 
guardians of the list?

To make this quite clear to those who don't speak English as a first language
There are people on this mailing list who not only are prolific writers, but 
their opinions are not those of some others.
These people have been targeted on list and with private mail telling them to 
cease writing to this list because its for important stuff / something else.

No-one has any rights to dictate what happens on this list. We have been 
recently told that the project doesn't have an benevolent dictator, so there 
is no-one to delegate power to determine what is written on this list.

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