[OSM-talk] SteveC should decide

DavidD thewinch at gmail.com
Sat Oct 3 13:14:18 BST 2009

2009/10/3 Gervase Markham <gerv-gmane at gerv.net>:
> On 03/10/09 00:49, DavidD wrote:
>> Just start making the decisions and build the thing on top of OSM. It
>> wouldn't even be that difficult to start off. Just take planet.osm and
>> strip "unapproved" tags and build up from there.
> So OSM is in a state where it only becomes usefully consistent if you
> throw away a lot of the information? That doesn't sound like the best
> use of the time of the mappers who put it there.

Obviously nobody wants to spend a day gathering data then editing for
that work to go to waste. That's the incentive for people to get
onboard. If you can show actual real benefits then people will start
investing time.

Once you have people you can develop better methods that throw away
less data. More importantly you can start building the structures and
hierarchies that are arguably needed to produce a consistent set of
tags. These things are not going to appear out of nowhere.

If that isn't good enough what other method is there?
How do you get from where OSM is now to the goal? Until someone starts
coming up with ideas that have some connection to reality this will
get nowhere. At the moment it is not much more than a bunch of people
yelling "this sucks" every 10 minutes.


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