[OSM-talk] Tagging schema

Mike N. niceman at att.net
Mon Oct 5 22:09:24 BST 2009

> You have described an interesting example of the difficulties of wishing 
> to be
> a conformist on OSM and I have described the example of how easy it is to 
> be
> an anarchist.

   The only reason for wanting to be a conformist is the possibility for 
more meaningful rendering sooner.  Currently, shop=xyz on a node, where xyz 
is unknown, results in no name rendering on Mapnik.     So, I've revised my 
approach to placing non-rendering shop types on the building outline where 
the name= tag will be shown.

  Previously, I  had preferred the lone node inside a building outline so 
that new people can more easily spot buildings that have not been 
identified, then they can drop a POI icon without resulting in duplicate 
name rendering.


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