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Ulf Lamping ulf.lamping at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 2 22:59:47 GMT 2010

Am 02.02.2010 14:32, schrieb Chris Hill:
> As I map a road I've not visited before, I don't consider using
> highway=street_with_houses, I add highway=residential . If I see a road
> sign with a speed limit I add maxspeed=30mph, not
> restriction:speed=30mph or legal_constraint_on_speed=30mph. I don't
> agonise over the tag to use to label the plaque that describes the title
> of the street allocated by the council, I just add a name=* tag.  All of
> this is listed on a single page in the wiki - it's even printed on a
> mug! Why is this so hard?

You're all right when it comes to common stuff, that's documented in Map 
Features and may already exist in the presets of JOSM/Potlatch. But 
that's the easy part.

The hassle begins, when you come to a topic where this isn't the case.

You're lucky if you find exactly one wiki page about what you're 
searching for and when it's not widely disputed.

If you're unlucky, you'll find three wiki pages for slightly the same 
topic that has lot's of conflicting arguments.

As a "grown up mapper" you may already got a feeling what seems to be a 
good idea and what has serious drawbacks - take the infos and go on mapping.

As a "newbie" you're completely doomed now and feeling unsafe what to 
do. Several newbies told me, that they didn't add something to OSM 
because they were feeling completely unsafe about the right way to do 
it, although they had all the local infos :-(

>> Instead mappers would be free to simply do what they enjoy - mapping.
> If you have a fixed list then suddenly this enjoyable mapping experience
> becomes a frustrating battle when someone sees something that they want
> to add but it's not in the list, so it can't be added.

That's maybe the biggest missunderstanding here. This is NOT about 
closing up the tag set so you can't enter "new" tags.

For me, this is how to get to a wider set of tags that most will agree 
upon - and how to get there easier and faster than the way we are doing 
it today.

There is already a fixed set of tags as you've written yourself. You 
won't use highway=street_with_houses instead of highway=residential - 
almost 99.9999% of OSMer will agree here.

Getting to this "agreement" currently takes "ages".

Question is: Can we improve this or is there no better way as the slow 
progression we have today?

Regards, ULFL

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