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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Feb 2 23:19:56 GMT 2010


Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> I will confess to being very disappointed that JOSM has now adopted the
> retarded why-use-one-tag-when-eighty-three-will-do cycleway scheme.

I don't know how this has changed over time, but the current version of 
JOSM has

"Dedicated cycleway" => highway=cycleway

"Segregated foot- and cycleway"[*] => 

"Combined foot- and cycleway" => 

That corresponds to the German signage


I don't know how one is supposed to tag a way that is suitable for 
cycles and pedestrians but does *not* have the above signs; I tend to 
use highway=cycleway for those as well, which then upsets the horse 
riders because if there are no signs then, in Germany, that implies 
horse=yes whereas something with one of the blue signs above 
automatically means horse=no.

I'm just offering that as an explanation, I don't really want to discuss 
it in breadth but you're welcome to fire up your Babelfish for a night 
of fun on talk-de ;)

Speaking of talk-de - you English don't do that language compression 
thing with the hyphen I highlighted above, do you? Where a phrase like 
"motorway and byway" gets shortened to "motor- and byway"?


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