[OSM-talk] Two different ways with the same nodes?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Feb 11 07:53:32 GMT 2010


edodd at billiau.net wrote:
> For example where an admin boundary follows the coast
> one way for the coast
> one way for the admin boundary

This is a somewhat special case; normally, an admin boundary will be 
backed by a multipolygon relation, and at least hereabouts (.de) we tend 
to simply stuff the coastline into the admin multipolygon. So you will 
have *no* extra "boundary=adminisdtrative" way along the coast - just 
one single way tagged as coastline, which also happens to be a member of 
the boundary relation.

(People tend to create one "landmass" relation that goes only up to the 
coast, and one for the national boundary which includes a 12 mile zone 
or so, but that's another matter.)

In our neck of the woods, a typical example for two ways sharing the 
same nodes would be a road with a tram line on/in it. We do not create 
one way that has both highway=residential and railway=tram (because 
then, if the way also had a ref=, name=, or oneway=, would that refer to 
the tram or the street?) - instead we have two ways using the same nodes.

And to the OP: Das haetten Dir die Leute auf talk-de auch erklaert ;)


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