[OSM-talk] I ordered my first personal camera so I can do 'photomapping' or 'geotagging'

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Feb 23 14:13:30 GMT 2010

  Yesterday I ordered my first camera(Nikon Coolpix L19). Mostly with the
  purpose of taking photos while I have a gps along with me, to later
  geotag photos with josm and later use the pictures as sources for street
  names or Points of Interest.

  Does anyone have that camera? I was a bit unsure whether to buy it or if
  I should ask first here if anyone has it, but as I read it supports exif
  2.2 and memory cards(SD) I'm familiar with I decided to buy it without
  asking/mentioning first. Just wanted to share.

I don't have one, but I've looked at image files from a nikon s210,
which I'm sure has similar firmware.  So it's virtually certain that the
camera will be straightforwardly usable for creating geotagged phtotos.

My advice:

  set the camera clock in UTC (regardless of where you live; it's the
  One True Timezone :-)

  Before going out geotagging, set the clock, because if it's right you
  can either skip or have an easier time with the time sync issue.

  take a picture of the GPS receiver's time before and after your
  session (of course your GPS receiver should be set to display in UTC
  as well, but this is only for your benefit)

  figure out how to deal with timezones with your geotagging setup
  I would use exiftool calling it as "TZ=UTC exiftool ...."

  install exiftool and read the man page; it is set up to geotag the
  images from a gpx file.  Or you can use the builtin support in josm.

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