[OSM-talk] I ordered my first personal camera so I can do 'photomapping' or 'geotagging'

edodd at billiau.net edodd at billiau.net
Tue Feb 23 21:00:27 GMT 2010

> My advice:
>   set the camera clock in UTC (regardless of where you live; it's the
>   One True Timezone :-)
>   Before going out geotagging, set the clock, because if it's right you
>   can either skip or have an easier time with the time sync issue.
>   take a picture of the GPS receiver's time before and after your
>   session (of course your GPS receiver should be set to display in UTC
>   as well, but this is only for your benefit)
>   figure out how to deal with timezones with your geotagging setup
>   I would use exiftool calling it as "TZ=UTC exiftool ...."
>   install exiftool and read the man page; it is set up to geotag the
>   images from a gpx file.  Or you can use the builtin support in josm.

I use geocorrelate-gui which is excellent. I leave my camera on winter
time and make a 10 hour adjustment in the GUI, then a few seconds change
after that as needed, in a separate box in the GUI.
Of course this person may not be using Linux and need some other program.

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