[OSM-talk] [HOT] Nametagging: Local script versus "international" latin script (for Libya)

Jean-Marc Liotier jm at liotier.org
Mon Feb 28 16:36:46 GMT 2011

M∡rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> Generally breaking all applications in use by redefining the meaning 
> of a tag is not a sustainable approach.

Yes, I have been too hasty in suggesting that. But it remains one of the
possible options nevertheless... Subject to prior debate and consensus,
of course. We need to take our time investigating the actual use of the
int_name tag to assess the impact of altering the interpretation of that
tag and decide if it is better left alone or not.

> If you want to introduce a "romanized version of the local name" why
>  don't you simply introduce a new tag for it ?

That is indeed the folksonomic democracy option: create a new tag and
see if other adopt it too. It is a well known method in OpenStreetMap, 
but it carries the cost of introducing an extra tag and extra confusion 
in an already crowded space. That is why I leaned toward other 
options... But I don't deny it may end up being the right one.

> Have a look at current int_name-values to see that "romanized version
> of the local name" is not the predominant current use.

I disagree about that assessment. I may be wrong since I don't know any 
of the non-latin languages that seem to be the source of many of the 
names who appear in values of int_name.

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