[OSM-talk] Commenting and thumbs up/down feature for changesets

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Wed Jul 13 15:25:22 BST 2011

On 11/07/2011 22:42, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>    I just stumbled across a changeset where someone helpfully added a 
> "toilet:access=customers" to 1350 pubs in the Greeater London area 
> (thereby adding no information but freshening the time stamp of the 
> objects, giving the cursory visitor the impression that the pub might 
> actually have been resurveyed which it very likely hasn't).

I don't think that this case is a good example to support your argument.

This is a perfectly acceptable addition which does add information - 
that it's not a public toilet. You can't just walk in of the street to 
spend a penny.

Why is it a problem getting time-stamped? If it doesn't, how would 
anybody know it's been edited & able to verify it?

I sometimes get the feeling that people get far too involved in OSM that 
they can't see the woods for trees where common sense & logic go out of 
the window.

Dave F.

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