[OSM-talk] Naming disputes in Ukraine

iONiX ionix.ua at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 23:56:59 BST 2012

On 03.08.2012 0:22, Cartinus wrote:
> I read the whole mess on the mailinglists en de wiki.
> The point you are completely missing is that unless there is a conflict
> the local community can't resolve, the DWG won't get involved at all.

If I will start making those changes, there will be a conflict. Or, if
You still insists, that only local mappers are allowed to map particular
area, not me but some local mapper. DWG will be involved again, and it
will be really wrong to make another decision in another part of the
world, because DWG would be not better than our politicians.

> If you had followed the whole thread, then you could have seen that e.g.
> The mappers in Brussels have decided on a solution that works for them.
> Other bi- or multilingual areas chose different solutions. Nobody
> (including the DWG) is forcing them to use a worldwide single approach.

I don't have the feeling You have read everything I wrote. Ukrainian
community had a solution. Even mappers from other russian speaking
regions in east of Ukraine supported it. As this whole naming crap
started, we had a discussion in ukrainian part of forum and offered
russian speaking mappers from Crimea to support them in creating a
proposal. None of them showed the will to make such one and to
participate in further discussion. Instead someone of them reported
ukrainian community as an aggressor to DWG. How can You find a solution
involving all parties, if one part is not willing to discus?

> A single vandal from outside the area (as that is what you "propose" to
> do in the whole ex-USSR) messing around is something a local community
> can easily fix themselves.

Can You explain me how? I can also use reverter plugin for JOSM ;-)
At the end they will be forced to contact DWG.

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