[OSM-talk] Image of the Week: Olympic stadium athens ccbysa2

OJ W ojwlists at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 23:02:12 BST 2012

Hello all, thanks for interest in wiki featured images and for fixing
the athens stadium.  Few notes on why that pic was shown to the

The original mapping of that stadium seems to qualify as "best
examples of openstreetmap mapping" for the same reasons that the
London stadium did, even if it's not currently available on the
ODBL-only view.  It was created by openstreetmap users for the
openstreetmap project, albeit at a date prior to the license change.

It illustrates a topical (olympic) example of osm mapping, and an
illustration (useful for historians if not for marketing) of one of
osm's most important events recently.  Week 30 showed this same change
only as a progress-bar on a world map - that's great, but difficult to
see exactly what it means.  An example of a change done by that bot
(whose work is widely supported and which we are presumably happy to
talk about) is more clearly shown by a specific example of a cleaned
area which is now available ready for odbl work to be based upon.

Thomas picks-up on the reason for having such an illustration now,
that of encouraging remapping.  Hence the link to [[Remapping]] where
people can find other examples of recently-reduced detail and fix
them.  The wiki text "Please help with Remapping" doesn't necessarily
spur the same level of enthusiasm for remapping as seeing something
which is lost and can be regained.

Obviously this featured image is no longer doing such work to help
remapping, since the one specific example was corrected.  I assume the
surveyors involved are continuing to fix many other locations and not
just the trivial case of that one stadium.  I'm not convinced that the
image would have been "out of date" had it not been observed by me -
can someone say that they were planning to remap the athens stadium
this week and would not have done so had it not been the example
chosen?  Perhaps they could have started their week's mapping at some
other site so that people didn't think they were doing it only to
negate the message of remapping being necessary.



p.s. probably worth mentioning that a [[Featured_image_proposals]]
page full of new and good images would go a long way towards making
these images a community thing rather than one person's choice.  I
think we've had 11 nomiations this year, which doesn't really fill the
first 32 weeks if you try to be selective about quality.

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