[OSM-talk] Contact And Remap Campaign

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Sun Feb 5 11:51:13 GMT 2012

On 04/02/2012 18:45, Michael Collinson wrote:
> ... try and contact anyone who has not decided about re-licensing

While several of us in Cambridgeshire have tried this, we've had very 
limited success. It's hard to tell, but the problem seems to that the 
vast majority of the problem people aren't receiving the emails. We have 
no way to contact them.

(It's especially frustrating when people deleted my original painstaking 
mapping and replaced it, only for that now to need to be replaced.)

It would help to know that email is bouncing. Tom, is it possible to 
change the mail system to get bounces to go back to the sender, or if 
that is considered too revealing of personal info, then at least a 
message that a bounce was received, rather than just black-holing it? 
Then we know for sure this mapper's contributions have to be replaced, 
rather than hanging on in the hope they may reply (those who have 
replied have not done so quickly, I;'ve largely given up waiting).

Secondly, we have odbl=clean; Frederik, could you also recognise 
odbl=<other>*, in a different colour in OSM Inspector and JOSM plugin 
(and shown in a different tree in the panel)? My reasoning is that we 
are trying to systematically clean an area, and while most roads can be 
done from home with local knowledge and satellite, there are some I know 
I can't do in good faith. It would help to be able to mark these so I 
know I've looked at them and come to a conclusion rather than checking 
over again whenever I look at an area.


* actually, how about using the tag value to put it in a category in the 
JOSM tree, e.g. if I mark it odbl=ground_survey_needed it's a signal to 
remind me and others, or odbl=university_resurvey_in_progress then I can 
tell people, there's no point in armchair re-mapping this bit as I'm 
working through a more detailed ground survey (particularly relevant as 
I'm doing all the Cambridge colleges and University estate at the 
moment, but it is systematic and will take time - 
http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/davidearl/diary/15398 )

So for example in the JOSM plugin

   + data loss
   + possible data loss
   + harmless data loss
   - other [list of things marked odbl=... except clean]
     - university_resurvey_in_progress [value of odbl tag]
       < Trinity College (Whewells Court) (28 nodes) [id: ...]

I suppose I could implement this myself if the source for the plugin is 
accessible, but it would be nice to have some buy in.

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