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Thank you very much from a "silent mapper".

On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 11:26 PM, Rob Nickerson <rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com>wrote:

> Richard, (All,)
> I read your email below and it saddened me that you feel this way. I
> therefore want to write a quick thank-you on behalf of the "silent layer of
> contributors". We are grateful for the work that all developers put into
> OSM and please do not feel disheartened by a few negative responses. When I
> meet up with other mappers face-to-face there is still a lot of positivity
> towards the project, and any negative comments are perhaps a sign that
> people are passionate and care about it too. Unfortunately we are all
> guilty of not giving enough positive feedback and therefore it the negative
> comments can start to look like a personal attack. They most certainly are
> not.
> Please keep up the good work - we got over the change to ODbL, we can
> tackle anything :-)
> All the best
> Rob
> == Quote: ==
> Complete disarming honesty time: the thing that puts me off working on OSM
> code (and heaven knows I've spent enough time on it over the years) isn't
> the lack of remuneration. It's the community, and its sense of entitlement.
> Something has gone wrong with the OSM community and I wish I knew how to fix
> it. Writing code for OSM has become a really thankless, unpleasant business.
> Most of the Top Ten Tasks, though ambitious - that's why they're in the Top
> Ten, after all - are perfectly within the capability of one developer with a
> vague acquaintance with OSM and a modest design sensibility. (Of them all,
> the hardest is actually being tackled - by you, of course, Paweł!)
> But really, why bother? You'll only get crap thrown at you for doing so.
> Every time there's even a modest layout improvement to the front page, all
> hell breaks loose on some forum or other and there's an outcry of "Why
> wasn't I consulted?". Let's keep the WMF comparison going: I don't think the
> Wikipedia, or Linux, guys consult the entire fucking community every time
> they swap two bytes in the code. But for some reason, much of our community
> expects it, and vocally, without being prepared to lift a finger to help.
> Thing is, if you actually look below the surface of the lists and the
> diaries and the chat snipers and all of that, there's a huge, silent layer
> of contributors new and old, just as there's always been, quietly getting on
> with mapping the world (when, that is, they're not being angry-messaged by
> "experienced" users to say YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG). They're the guys who make
> OSM what it is, not the voices on the lists. But I'm not strong enough to
> ignore the noisy ones, and I wish I was.
> cheers
> Richard
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