[OSM-talk] POI display on osm.org

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Tue Jan 22 08:35:52 GMT 2013

Hi. I'd like to put the discussion of Roland's POI feature in 
perspective. Last month the team of openstreetmap.ru released their 
version of POI search and display engine. Check out the screenshot: 
http://shtosm.ru/pictures/osmrupoi.gif and another one: 

There is a catalogue of POI types (a lot like on other sites, flosm.de 
and such), when you check one or more, markers appear on the map. When a 
marker is clicked, a popup appears with relevant tags translated into 
russian: name, opening_hours (parsed), address (using reverse 
geocoding), cuisine for restaurants, operator, website etc. Alas, 
everything is in Russian with translations neither available nor 
planned, and it works only for Russia. You can check it out at 
http://openstreetmap.ru/#layer=M&zoom=14&lat=57.81758&lon=28.32691 (open 
«Точки интереса (POI)» tab on the left).

I'd like to expect something no less spectacular and useful on the 
openstreetmap.org. Right now, in Roland's version, it isn't even clear 
that one should click on the map to get information.


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