[OSM-talk] Using OpenStreetMap on a daily basis

Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Sat Jul 13 12:29:49 UTC 2013

2013/7/13  <osm at k3v.eu>:
> Isn't the obvious answer just to provide these services to logged-in
> users and if loads of people start creating accounts just to access
> free stuff them limit it to actual map contributors.
> It seems crazy to argue that the project cannot provide decent services
> to contributors because we would then have to service the entire world.
> That just isn't true.
> Kevin

It's not obvious at all, I even think this would have several negative effects:
- rewarding contributions one way or another (like giving acces to
some additional service) may push quite bad quality contributions
(gamification for example is to be considered with a lot of caution)
- reducing access over time to services may create a very negative
image: imagine you have access to some service, then this access gets
limited, usually this is not providing positive feedback
- the more services will be on osm.org the less new interesting
services will be created on top of OSM data somewhere else.

OSM is not a project created to provide services to end users, it is a
project to create/share data in order to build services on top of

The existing slippy map is a limited way to show the tip of our
iceberg. It already has some negative effect, with a lot of people not
going further and thinking that OSM is just that : an open map of
streets... when OSM is much much more.

There are plenty of sites providing very interesting services on top
of OSM data, and osm.org should allow visitors to discover them
instead of replicating more or less these sites and services.

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