[OSM-talk] Tiles caching issue

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Fri Apr 17 01:19:18 UTC 2015

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Temat: Re: [OSM-talk] Tiles caching issue
Data: 17.04.2015 3:18
Od: Daniel Koć <daniel w xn--ko-wla.pl>
Do: SomeoneElse <lists w atownsend.org.uk>
W dniu 16.04.2015 23:09, SomeoneElse napisał(a):

> One option might be to have a small local server set up as per
> https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/ and applying minutely updates.

I plan to have local tiling server, but only for testing style changes.

> If you're only rendering a small area this won't work if you regularly
> map on multiple continents, obviously, and an up to date server needs
> to be downloading and updating itself enough of the time to have an up
> to date database, so it's not a solution for everyone, but it might
> work for you.

I thought that simply having latest version of the tile in a browser's 
cache should prevent you from downloading older at all? The problem is 
not that one has to wait for rendering (it's quite fast most of the 
time!), it's about "now you see me, now you don't" game. I guess server 
caching layer works now in an aggressive load-balancing way, so my 
second best option would be to not rotate caching servers too fast for a 
given user, which is less predictable, but still better than what we 
have now.

Is it only me or other people also experience it and find it annoying? 
It makes "/dirty" files almost useless, because you can't really consume 
effect of this special action.

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