[OSM-talk] how do i get a mapper to engage with the community over mass imports?

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Apr 24 07:50:40 UTC 2015

On 24/04/15 05:49, Robin Paulson wrote:
> i live in auckland, nz. a mapper [1] here is currently importing a giant
> data set of building outlines for auckland, by my estimate 300,000+
> ways. until yesterday, on my insistence, he'd made no mention of this on
> any of the relevant discussion lists (local nz chapter, osm imports
> list) and as of one hour ago [2] was uploading more data.
> from what i can see (although i may be wrong, please point out any
> errors if so), there's no engagement with the community, local or
> otherwise, and apparent disregard for established processes around
> importing as set out on the wiki:

I see you have found the google list where the import is managed from?
I wish there was a similar cooperation in relation to UK data.

On the whole it looks like a very nice data set, but it is interesting
that while looking at potlatch with imagery many buildings align nicely,
but the odd one is different. Some seem to be down to extensions but
others are not so easy to explain, so perhaps it's time to start
providing them with bug reports Robin ;) Every building has an object id
but it would perhaps be nice if they had a little more than just
'building' ... there is no actual address data!

As an aside ... I'm looking at a substantial amount of essentially
identical private tagging information added to every building of which
only two elements are used by OSM. Is it not about time we introduced a
database of import attributions so that the 'source' tag just becomes an
Ixxx.yyy and all of the generic tagging can be accessed via that. We can
then more easily see what is 'managed import' over manual data. In the
case of the LINZ data for instance adding address information could be
directed to the relevant support list?

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