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On 26 April 2015 at 11:12, Marc Gemis <marc.gemis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Nice ideas, but impossible to realise IMHO.
> try finding a good rendering for
> highway = residential
> maxweight = 7.5
> cycleway:left = track
> cycleway:right = lane
> sideway=both
> lanes = 5
> lanes:forward=2
> lanes:backward =3
> lanes:bus:forward=1
> turn:lanes:backward=left|through|right
> lit = yes
> and perhaps add some access rules to the mix as well.
> and some parking lanes
> I constantly have to toggle different styles in JOSM to keep a clear
> picture of what's going on.
> Or didn't you mean "everything" with "everything" :-)
> I think you are not the first one with this idea, but as usual "who is
> going to do it"
> I guess the team behind the map is welcoming extra help, but they also
> have other priorities than showing everything (that's what I've read
> somewhere)
> regards
> m

I did mean everything with everything - if that's what the person wants to
view. Opting out of details of choice should be permissible by having ALL
selectable by checkboxes in groups of checkboxes. If I'm going on a bike

Highways (group) yes
     motorways no (not permitted for bikes)
railways (group) No
Buildings (group) No
     bike shops yes
POIs (group) no

Now let me recompute your hypothetical highway above (I take 'sideway' as
sidewalk) and am working left to right with driving on the left (UK)

Highway = residential - rendered as a way by showing houses along the way
('obviously fake' ones if no real ones present. Also, maxspeed assumed as
30 (in uk)
lit=yes - rendered as having street lighting at intervals - no additional
rendering of the way required. IF streetlights not present, to auto add
them at regular intervals. If some streetlights present, to auto fill in

Lanes=10 (not 5) (i.e. 5 plus all the others):



Note the pink colouring to show an issue with the road. Hovering over the
issue should reveal the 7.5T limit

<image attached>

I'd propose a colouring scheme based on red/amber/green for the quality of
the road - so the 7.5T limit puts this road toward the red - hence pink
colouring. The distance between the lines representing the lanes should be
dependent on the line width. The line width could indicate lane width (6',
9', 12' [2,3,4m] narrow lane, wide lane, very wide lane)

I'm not sure why anyone needs to know the street is a residential road -
who cares as long as I can drive along it ? I've chosen a triangle for a
building as triangular buildings are so rare. The text 'fake house' would
be totally optional !
It's time we were mapping roads as they are, not as they're 'meant to be'.
Then maybe those people in London will realise just how bad the roads are
around the regions. It's also time we had a pothole tag !!!!

I think the point is, rendering with all the detail is easily possible -
and in a way that's easily interpretable by the COPs.

[COPs: Clapham Omnibus Passengers.]
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@millomweb <https://sites.google.com/site/millomweb/index/introduction> -
For all your info on Millom and South Copeland
via *the area's premier website - *

*currently unavailable due to ongoing harassment of me, my family, property
& pets*

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