[OSM-talk] Crowdfunding for OpenStreetMap in Bénin : 275km² high resolution satellite imagery for Cotonou by 1-May 2016!

Christoph Hormann chris_hormann at gmx.de
Mon Apr 25 18:41:59 UTC 2016

On Monday 25 April 2016, Simon Poole wrote:
> Further I don't quite follow Christoph's argument. There is very very
> little imagery used in OSM that is available on open (data) terms. As
> long as the results of tracing etc  are essentially unencumbered
> nobody seems to have had  issues with using non-free sources starting
> off with yahoo in 2007 and yes we've paid with money and in other
> ways for imagery in many places.

I tried to clarify my standpoint in my reply to Frederik.

In addition i also think open imagery is currently severely underused in 
OSM mapping due to convenient availability of not really open but free 
to use in OSM imagery in Bing and Mapbox.  This applies both to high 
resolution aerial images available from local providers under open data 
terms - you know the frequent complaints by locals that armchair 
mappers try to 'correct' local mapping based on outdated Bing imagery - 
and lower resolution open satellite images which are rarely used at all 
except for the 15 year old base data in Bing despite offering a lot of 
information useful for mapping.  I find this regrettable in some way - 
mappers should be aware of and have access to open imagery sources that 
are available as much as possible - but also understandable, people use 
what is most readily available and most convenient for them and there 
is little incentive in providing alternatives just because they are 
open if they don't provide significant advantages for practical use.

And you are right - we should not be so arrogant to think we know things 
better than the local community in Benin.

Christoph Hormann

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