[OSM-talk] Which type of highways are used by routing software?

Michał Brzozowski www.haxor at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 23:57:08 UTC 2016

The rules for routing appear to be mostly global for popular routers.
There is very little magical sauce, if any. You can try many routers
from osm.org main page.
OSRM, for instance, avoids track at all times, unless
access=destination (or more particular class like motor_vehicle) is

The issue with abuse of track probably boils down to its distinct
appearance on the standard style. Imitation of existing data could
also play a role in its spread.
To get people to tag properly, we need to render unpaved on the
standard style. See:
It probably won't be exactly pretty, but it seems that's the only way
to discipline people who think of OSM as of images - and use only the
standard layer.


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