[OSM-talk] Which type of highways are used by routing software?

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Wed Nov 2 05:13:21 UTC 2016

 Highway = track is supposed to be wide enough for motor vehicles,  so it's just that routers may miss a 4x4 setting? 

Le 2 novembre 2016 00:57:08 GMT+01:00, "Michał Brzozowski" <www.haxor at gmail.com> a écrit :
>The rules for routing appear to be mostly global for popular routers.
>There is very little magical sauce, if any. You can try many routers
>from osm.org main page.
>OSRM, for instance, avoids track at all times, unless
>access=destination (or more particular class like motor_vehicle) is
>The issue with abuse of track probably boils down to its distinct
>appearance on the standard style. Imitation of existing data could
>also play a role in its spread.
>To get people to tag properly, we need to render unpaved on the
>standard style. See:
>It probably won't be exactly pretty, but it seems that's the only way
>to discipline people who think of OSM as of images - and use only the
>standard layer.
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