[OSM-talk] OSMF silently sides with Russia?

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 06:15:51 UTC 2018


  I think this needs more attention and should not be silently buried
in archives.

  OSMF/DWG has sided with Moscow to recognise illegal annexation of
Ukraine's territory - Crimea.

  Note that there was a vote in UN on this:
  only few countries on the level of North Korea, Zimbabwe, Russia,
Venezuela have recognised this international crime. Does OSMF/DWG want
to be in this group? Does OpenStreetMap has to be in this group?

  PRACTICAL1: this will make it impossible to create a correct
political map using OSM data.

  PRACTICAL2: It is also EXTREMELY damaging to OpenStreetMap
reputation. Now all opponents of OSM will be able to point fingers at
this decision - "OSM recognises Crimeas annexation". And it now makes
us all participate in Russian (ruled) project.

  PRACTICAL3: While there are some talks about using OSM instead or
alongside of commercial GIS solutions in the context of EU INSPIRE
directive, such intentions will be seriously damaged by OSMF/DWG
actions, because Europe has a very clear position of not recognising
Crimeas annexation.

  It would also be nice to know how members of DWG voted, to have more
information on their attitudes towards Russian aggression. This would
be important for those having a vote. But I do not know how to do that
correctly, so that not to cause personal damage and avoid bullying.

  I personally do not know how/if I can proceed with pushing
OpenStreetMap to government or educational use...


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