[OSM-talk] Bank of India (and other) Wikidata tags

Tobias Wrede list at tobias-wrede.de
Thu Apr 18 07:42:18 UTC 2019

Am 17.04.2019 um 22:03 schrieb Mateusz Konieczny:
> Among other popular wikipedia links
> "wikipedia='de:Stolpersteine'",
> "wikipedia='nl:Toeristisch Overstappunt'",
> are also clearly invalid, though here brand:wikipedia would
> be wrong and complete removal is probably necessary.

Martin already commented on de:Stolpersteine.

The adding of nl:Toeristisch Overstappunt has been questioned on the 
tagging list (starting with messages 
<cd1661c0-c6a1-8602-e112-9461357ad055 at tobias-wrede.de> and 
<a19f1a72-a7d9-f016-0527-ce45fefb42f1 at tobias-wrede.de>) but with no 
apparent outcome. I agree with you, in my opinion they are still dead wrong.


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