[OSM-talk] `computer_vision_assisted=yes` changeset tag?

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 7 12:18:50 UTC 2019


 > “This edit was assisted by computer vision”
 > is useful metadata, no?

I use a lot of such datas (traffic sign from mapillary via osmose)
I review it (viewing the picture myself) before any change to avoid some 
false positive and to improve localisation.
who 'll made what if I add computer_vision_assisted changeset tag ?
for stat ? why not.
but in this case, it may also be needed to add humain_reviewed,
humain_improved, integration_tools and so...

currently I put source=mapillary source:date
I see a lot of mappers unable to fill a source tag,
for ex because a major editor doesn't promote enought a changeset
source tag. it would probably be best to start by having at least
the source tag everywhere before pushing for more secondary tags


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