[OSM-talk] OSM user diary etiquette

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 09:29:38 UTC 2019

On 25/06/19 18:45, Harry Wood wrote:
> Anyway...  on the broader principle. At the risk of bringing back the 
> "code of conduct" discussion... If we set out somewhere a set of 
> community standards in terms of "be nice to eachother", but also the 
> types of topics we expect to appear as OpenStreetMap diaries, what 
> would we set out?
> I think we might decide that the standards of behaviour on the diaries 
> should be higher than those of the mailing list. I mean the 
> counterargument on the mailing list is always the desire to promote a 
> "space for lively debate", but diaries are less of a discussion 
> medium, more of a broadcast medium. We don't want to disallow people 
> putting forth "political" thoughts or manifestos about the project, 
> which inevitably will stray into bad-mouthing groups or even 
> individuals on occasions,

Err ..no. The discussions should be about OSM, not about people or an 

I have found going through any outgoing mail, diary and eliminating the 
words 'you', 'they', even 'we' can lead to more objectivity on my part 
and hopefully less personal offence elsewhere.

There are a number of thing I don' like about OSM, trying to change them 
is one thing... abusing others with a different point of view? Not going 
to help.

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