[OSM-talk] Règles d'éditions organisées / Directed editing guidelines

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Tue Jun 25 10:27:35 UTC 2019

On Saturday 22 June 2019, severin.menard via talk wrote:
> At present, this policy concerning directed editions is therefore,
> paradoxically, not respected or even totally neglected by the main
> organizations it targeted.

This is something by the way i predicted to be the likely outcome of 
introducing a vague policy very early in the process leading to these 
guidelines.  Responsible mappers would invest a lot of work into 
following the policy - mostly unnecessarily because since they are 
responsible they would do the necessary things even without there being 
a policy.  Irresponible people however only do the absolute minimum of 
the most lenient interpretation of the rules - often garnished with the 
usual corporate communication redirection and avoidance strategies.

I also predicted in


what we now see with the various pro forma attempts at following the 
guidelines that many of them respond "in kind" with the with the same 
non-commital vagueness as the policy.

Regarding evaluation of the guidelines - although it would certainly be 
good if there was a critical evaluation i have very little hope that 
there will be such in the near future.  It is not that during the past 
half year there have been significant developments as a result of the 
policy that were not predictable and argued to be the likely outcome 
with clear reasoning in advance.

My own conclusion meanwhile is that if there is to be any meaningful 
regulation of organized mapping activities it has to come from the 
local communities.  This is particularly important for still small 
communities just starting off to happen before well organized corporate 
interests start their coordinated invasion leaving nothing but a data 
wasteland for locals to deal with after the invadors have left.

Christoph Hormann

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