[OSM-talk] Règles d'éditions organisées / Directed editing guidelines

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 25 11:56:30 UTC 2019


On 25.06.19 12:27, Christoph Hormann wrote:
> Responsible mappers would invest a lot of work into 
> following the policy - mostly unnecessarily because since they are 
> responsible they would do the necessary things even without there being 
> a policy.  Irresponible people however only do the absolute minimum of 
> the most lenient interpretation of the rules - often garnished with the 
> usual corporate communication redirection and avoidance strategies.

I hope that people will continue doing their best to adhere to the new
policy because as we go forward, we have a growing body of "good
examples", and we can slowly but surely tighten the strings for those
who try to get away with the "absolute minimum" and some corporate

I would ask everyone who is unhappy to see some players short-cut or
even ignore the rules, to engage with these players, explain to them
that the guidelines exist and that following them is a demonstration of
good intentions vis-a-vis the community.

Things like this take time. It has taken years until the ideas of
"imports and mechanical edits need prior discussion" have caught on, but
now you very frequently see people, all over the world, pointing a
would-be data importer to the import guidelines. It is going to be like
that with the organised editing guidelines too, and the fact that
there's a "soft launch" doesn't mean people can get away with ignoring
them forever.

> My own conclusion meanwhile is that if there is to be any meaningful 
> regulation of organized mapping activities it has to come from the 
> local communities.

While I won't dispute that local communities can and should have a lot
of influence, I think you're speaking prematurely - perhaps you are just
a bit too eager to see your "predictions" come true ;) I think that
there's a lot of yet-untapped potential in enforcing these guidelines
and adherence to the guidelines will improve.

Of course this is something that also needs help from the community. If
you see organised editing that goes wrong or causes damage, check if the
project has been documented properly, point out the guidelines and the
issues to the mappers, and expect that they will behave professionally
and fix the problems. If they don't, report the situation to DWG and
we'll repeat the request and take the measures needed to ensure compliance.

Don't just sit there and sigh "it's just how I predicted, the world is
ending and there's nothing I can do".


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