[OSM-talk] We need to have a conversation about attribution

Greg Troxel gdt at lexort.com
Fri Mar 1 01:01:00 UTC 2019

Paul Norman via talk <talk at openstreetmap.org> writes:

> On 2019-02-28 2:35 p.m., Richard Fairhurst wrote:
>> In recent years some OSM data consumers and "OSM as a service"
>> providers have begun to put the credit to OpenStreetMap behind an
>> click-through 'About', 'Credits', 'Legal' or '(i)' link. Examples:
>> https://docs.mapbox.com/help/img/android/android-first-steps-intro.png
>> https://www.systemed.net/osm/IMG_1846.PNG
> In my mind what makes these examples particularly egregious is how
> they find room for image logos. If there's room for a Mapbox or Tomtom
> logo like in the images above, there's room for (c) OpenStreetMap
> With maps like this, I would expect a "reasonably calculated"
> attribution to have OSM with at least the prominence of other
> companies.

Agreed.   The notion that there isn't room does not hold up to scrutiny.

I tend towards OSM being more aggressive about insisting that the
attribution rules be followed.

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