[OSM-talk] Remove validation rule asking to add highway=footway to railway/public_transport=platform

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri May 24 10:02:19 UTC 2019

Am Fr., 24. Mai 2019 um 11:44 Uhr schrieb Phil Wyatt <phil at wyatt-family.com

> Hi Folks,
> As a relatively new OSM editor, I tend to agree with the explicit tagging
> rather than implicit - it should help folks learn tags much faster

The problem is that a platform is not a footway, at least not universally.
People can also walk over meadows, following this logics we should be
suggesting to add highway=footway to all meadows? Or amenity=parking?

I agree, this should not become suggested tagging.

It is so sad the issue has been closed in the github tracker because of too
many people complaining (politely) about a developer decision. Closing
issues because of disagreement is toxic behaviour and it is understandable
it makes people worrying.

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