[OSM-talk] Roadmap for deprecation of name tags in OSM

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Sun Aug 9 08:42:21 UTC 2020

Aug 9, 2020, 10:25 by pangose at riseup.net:

> I suggest we create a roadmap for deprecating of storing and updating names in OSM for objects with a Wikidata tag.
Absolutely no.

tagging name tag is a fundamental  part of OSM tag,
offloading it to a third party service is a mistake that will not happen

https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/19655 contains several misleading, wrong, mistaken
and problematic claims, statements and implications but I have no time to process in detail
as the entire idea is fundamentally bad, mistaken, problematic, broken, not workable,
not acceptable, not going to happen and wrong.

Some samples:

"there is no such thing as an international name. Names are part of a
language whih is part of a culture. They are not GIS objects and the 
osm datamodel does not handle this complexity well at all."

Are you aware that we have other tags beyond name tag?

loc_name, name:pl and many others?

"No more name vandalism in osm. We export the name handling to
wikidata which has a much better system for handling vandalism."

Because vandalism in third-party service is superior?
Are you seriously claiming that Wikidata has less trouble with vandalism
and deals with it better?

> Substantial changes will have to be made:
> * nominatim will need to support fetching names from wikidata somehow. It could probably be done on the fly.
Untrue, Nominatim is doing it already.

>  retire signing up as OSM user on osm.org and ask users to create a Wikimedia account instead and log in with that? 
If you think that it is a viable idea then you are mistaken.

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