[OSM-talk] mapping outside Europe

Mateusz Konieczny matkoniecz at tutanota.com
Wed Jan 8 07:54:19 UTC 2020

7 Jan 2020, 20:53 by mario at anche.no:

> On 07/01/2020 14:38, Marc Gemis wrote:
>> Since OSM is a do-ocracy, do not complain, but write the wiki page you
>> want to see
> that's fine, and I've been doing that for Panama, and for Morocco, but I do not like mapping without having reached a consensus.
> for that, we need other mappers to contribute to the discussion, and I never managed to get any far on this in the wiki (actually, not even in the changeset comments).
Is the community using some FB group, Telegram channel or Discord or some even more unusual
discussion location?

> so you say: just revolutionize the overview for the highway tag, without first reaching a consensus?
Obviously no.

> replace the Eurocentric pictures with Panama and Morocco pics?
> an edit like this will be reverted after 15 minutes!
Is a new photo differing in content (confusing for Europeans in the similar way as original
was confusing for people from Panama)? Then both should be present, one in the infobox,
one in the article text.

Is the new photo usable as illustration in both cases and differs by decoration 
(people are wearing different clothes etc)? Can you link an edit where it was reverted
(except cases where new non-european image was of a lower quality)?

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