[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Saeed Hubaishan سعيد حبيشان hubaishan at outlook.sa
Fri Jul 2 20:28:39 UTC 2021

Hi Martin and others,

I will talk in this email only for Marin explaining  of "On the Ground 

على ٢٢/١١/٤٢ ‫١١:٤١ ص، كتب Martin Koppenhoefer
> the issue with water bodies is that there is no "ground". 

It is a very strange from Martin to explain this rule with this statement. As he make "ground" term in this rule as opposite of "water". I think this is superficial understanding.

How about "ground" in https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Good_practice#Map_what's_on_the_ground does it mean for Martin not to map water features, seamarks, martime boundries?

How about rivers and lakes and all natural=water and place=sea these all are "water bodies" <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:natural%3Dwater> can we map them?
or we can map only the shape and be awaiting for naming resultion form UN or IHO.

I believe that you misunderdtood the "On Ground Rule".

The wiki explain the rule very simple:

"then the simple default rule is whatever name, designation, etc are used by ""the people on the ground at that location"" are used"

so if the feature is water body it will be named by the people on the ground at the location of that water body.

Rules are rules. Why there is arbitrary explanation for the rules when talking about the Arabian Gulf.

Saeed Hubiashan

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