[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Ebrahim Nejati enejati at mail.um.ac.ir
Thu Jul 8 18:25:14 UTC 2021

Hello Abdullah,

Abdullah Abdulrhman <abdullahOSM at outlook.com> writes:

> You do not have the right to take sides with the other name and try to
> impose it on us.

I'd like you to explain more about what do you extactly mean by "impose"
& "imposing". As far as I know, Persian Gulf's key:name tag has been
"Persian Gulf" from the beginning (February 14, 2019 10:08 PM).

It is only 3 months (March 29, 2021 1:27 PM) that user (UID:1147414) has
changed to "A-B" format without any prior discussion, talk or even
informative changeset comment. How do you think of such actions in this
sensitive area?

Is it expected from other users who reverted the change (whom you call
vandalist) to discuss?

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