[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Saeed Hubaishan سعيد حبيشان hubaishan at outlook.sa
Sat Jul 10 07:44:34 UTC 2021

Hi Isaac,

> > "خليج فارس" give me only 792,000 results
> Are you sure? I gave it a try and Google returned ~25 million results. 
> Here is the query for reference:

If you copied my "خليج فارس" from my reply you will get same what I got. 
Copy it with the quotes.

Persian language uses Arabic script but some letters have same shape and 
different unicode value. "ي" in my Arabic keyboard get U+064A is Arabic 
Yeh. But this in Persian they use Persian Yeh U+06CC. Persian Yeh has 
same medial form of Arabic Yeh, but it hasn't dots in final form.

I was not attentive to this when I query Google. So there are difference 
in search counts.

but this will not change anything: no one in this discuss deny that the 
Persian name of The Gulf is "خليج فارس". it is a VERY COMMON in Persian 
Language. No one demands to change "name:fa" Tag.

> So based on your argument, OSM should go with "Persian Gulf". 

but If you looking for my arguments see this 

and this excel file 

We are glade that you join us in this discuss because the Iranian OSM 
community said that your company "Balad" is behind the sabotage of the 
map and you are the leader of the team.

Saeed Hubiashan

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