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As I mentioned before, we, as Arabs, support the second solution, A/B on the name tag, and each language has its own name, and regarding this issue.
The sad thing about this issue is that we found out we have just discovered that there is sabotage on the map of Saudi Arabia from the Iranian side, but this time it went beyond a place sacred to Muslims and not only to Arabs. One of the names of the pillars of the Aqaba (a very sacred place for Muslims) was released: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/119944270

the user name of account of vandal (which I think is purely racist, but I do not know its exact meaning) and he also changed the names of any road containing the name of the Gulf, by the following account: https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/kirToKooneAraba

This sabotage must be strongly condemned and to stand up.
This is a severe provocation to Muslims and all Arabs, and we will never accept it and must stop immediately.

Abdullah Abdulrhman

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The discussion about this matter has been going on for almost two months in 100 emails. Lots of details and lots of stats, facts, information, and sources were shared and discussed deeply between the Arabs and the Iranians. I see nothing new in the recent emails, just basic knowledge information we all already know.

After studying this case deeply and reading all the emails and spending tens of hours reading the facts  about this situation, I can say the solutions for this matter can be summarized in only 2 solutions:

Solution 1:
Keep the tags without changing.
(This means we keep the tags in the stable version before the start of the vandalism chaos)
The tags will stay like this:
Name= الخليج العربي
Alt_name= خليج فارس
Name:en= Persian Gulf
Name:ar= الخليج العربي
Name:fa= خليج فارس
Pros: Keep the things as is the stable version.
Cons: This might not end the vandalism edits from the nationalist vandals in the Arab countries, and there will probably be even more vandalism as an act of revenge if we go with this option, but it's an if.

Solution 2:
Change the 'name tag to have both languages at the same time
(This means we change only the 'name' tag by adding the Iranian name alongside the already existing one)

The tags will be like this:
Name= الخليج العربي / خليج فارس
Name:en= Persian Gulf
Name:ar= الخليج العربي
Name:fa= خليج فارس
Pros: This will definitely stop the vandalism edits when finally the Iranian name is in the general name tag. This solution was tested before in the Caspian Sea, and it worked when the Iranian name was in with the other languages in the 'name' tag.
Cons: I don't see any.

There was an opinion that was discussed which is removing the 'name' tag entirely. This is not a solution, this option was chosen and tested before in many areas and failed in almost every single one of them, the Mediterranean Sea for example. Removing the 'name' tag will conclude by adding it again by another user who does not know about this whole problem and vandalism issue, and this will definitely start the vandalism campaign again.

As a neutral opinion, as I stated before, I suggest going with the 2nd solution just to let the area in peace and stop the vandalism.
This is not obeying and bowing to the vandal's demands that "they will continue until the Iranian name is in", no and never, this is what I see is fair for all and will stop the headache.

I want to hear the Arabs' opinion on this solution, do they accept adding the Iranian name next to the Arabic name just to close this case and sum it up for good?

Li Yaqo

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Is there a final decision between "A/B" and no-name? When/How will the
relation be modified?


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