[OSM-talk] Streetcomplete and Geographically Large Changesets

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Jul 26 08:37:18 UTC 2021

Am 26.07.2021 um 00:21 schrieb ndrw6:
> On 25/07/2021 21:15, Mateusz Konieczny via talk wrote:
>> If someone wants full-scale OSM editor with full access to all data 
>> on Android then I recommend Vespucci.
> Thanks. I tried it too. Vespucci is a fine full-featured editor for 
> Android but it isn't really designed for mapping on the go. At least I 
> wasn't able to use it for this purpose. It is more a replacement for 
> jOSM for people with tablets instead of PCs.

I kind of dispute that :-).

It would be good if you could provide specific feedback what 
doesn't/didn't work for you on the Vespucci issue tracker 
https://github.com/MarcusWolschon/osmeditor4android/issues (pls indicate 
the version you were using).


> I quite liked Maps.me, when it still supported editing. Yes, there 
> were many problems with it, mainly caused by limited selection of tags 
> or use of outdated offline maps, but I could at add some PoIs and 
> addresses with it.
> The closest to my ideal tool is iD but its web interface is too slow 
> and not yet compatible with touch screens. It would be great if it 
> could be transformed into a mobile app.
>> Quests curation is mostly limited by requirement that user is not 
>> expected
>> to have any OSM knowledge - see
> [...]
>> It discourages adding not surveyed data (that would be typically 
>> guessed).
> These are examples of arbitrary limitations I was writing about. They 
> may be fine for a game but are entirely out of place in a mapping tool.
>> I admit that I am quite curious what went wrong!
> I tried it once and there were quite a few rather obvious issues I've 
> noticed:
> - I wanted to add a house number but the tool wouldn't display the 
> quest because the building was only tagged as building=yes or was out 
> of range.
> - The building was not yet split into parts and needed two or more 
> address points.
> - The building was not yet mapped but I wanted to add an address point 
> anyway.
> - The building was already tagged with a wrong address that I wanted 
> to correct.
> - There was no way of adding comments (private or public) for more 
> complex cases.
> I took a printed out map with me as a back up and it only took 5 
> minutes before I have fully reverted to it. In that session 
> StreetComplete wouldn't have let me add three quarters of the 
> addresses, wasting my time and effort.
> I doubt no one has ever noticed these issues. More likely they were 
> swept under the carpet as not compatible with the game-like vision for 
> the tool.
> Oh, and I would have felt embarrassed creating so many trivial 
> changesets. Not technically an issue but I'd gave avoided using the 
> tool even if it worked for me.
>> Should "despite a very nice user interface" be understood as 
>> "interface was pretty but not suitable for efficient surveying"?
> No, the interface was genuinely good. In a tool like an OSM editor I 
> mainly care about performance and ergonomics and they were both much 
> better than anything else I tried on a mobile phone. I don't care 
> about aesthetics but I understand it is important for good first 
> impression.
>> If you used it before addr:street was asked or when addr:street quest 
>> appeared weeks after
>> add:housenumber was solved - then this issues are nowadays fixed :)
> That was indeed one of the issues I've noticed. I am glad it has been 
> resolved.
> -ndrw6
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