[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Li Yaqo iata.idp.iq at gmail.com
Fri Jun 18 13:23:50 UTC 2021

I don't see a problem here, the name tag is "الخليج العربي" which is the
official name that's used in the 7 countries that surround the gulf. Except
for Iran.
The name "خليج فارس" is used in name:fa, don't force it to the main name
tag. as the moderators said, "the name tag should be left in peace". And we
agree on this.

We saw in your Iranian telegram group the user who started the vandalism
(user: @benyamindolatpoor) and few others, we saw every message in the
group that encouraged the vandalism, we read the messages when every single
member was cursing the name "Arab" and say bad racist things towards Arabs.
Except for only one member whose name was in yellow we forgot his name. The
vandal user was writing his "Cyber Jihad" on the group and posting it right
after doing it, and no one from the Iranian group reverted his changeset or
complained! The gulf was sabotaged by almost 30 Iranian users, and in the
end, they have also vandalized Saudi Arabia and other countries. There was
also an edit when someone removed the "Arabian Sea" name from the "Arabian
Sea" and changed it to something Persian, his edit was not reverted for

There is a similar situation I can think of, which is Caspian Sea. This sea
In Iran is called "دریای خزر" and this is  the one used in osm name tag,
While this name is only used in Iran, the whole world knows it by Caspian
Sea name.
The Caspian Sea is between 5 countries, and Iran is the least bordered
country in all 5 to the sea. And the Iranian name is still on the General
name tag. Why didn't you complain about this issue?

I suggest you care more about the name of your country Iran and correct it,
since the official name of your country is "جمهوری اسلامی ایران" not just
"ايران" fix this if you care about names.
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