[OSM-talk] You are still free to continue to use or interpret this tag as you see fit since OpenStreetMap does not have “banned features”

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 17:29:22 UTC 2021

Am Mo., 15. März 2021 um 16:27 Uhr schrieb Sören Reinecke via talk <
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> You bring up another topic I also wanted to discuss later: Documenting
> keys/tags. If you properly document your innovations, then someone else
> will understand the data you added and can use it. Without proper
> documentation it is not possible without asking you to directly. And we
> know most mappers do not answer then writing via OSM's messaging system
> (from my experience).

I must admit I have made a totally different experience. Almost every
mapper I am writing to has answered my messages, with the exception of
comments to changesets of mappers that were using a third party app like
maps.me (probably more "map users" of the specific app than "mappers" in
the sense that they understood they were mapping in OpenStreetMap by
filling in a form).

"Mappers" from the group that invents new tags usually are very responsive
to messages you send them to enquire about the meaning of the tags they
added, in particular if the message is polite and educated.

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