[OSM-talk] You are still free to continue to use or interpret this tag as you see fit since OpenStreetMap does not have “banned features”

Marc_marc marc_marc at mailo.com
Mon Mar 15 19:26:29 UTC 2021

Le 15.03.21 à 18:29, Martin Koppenhoefer a écrit :
> Almost every mapper I am writing to has answered my messages

I don't know if there is a tool that allows to make the statistic
in a precise way, but after having sent a cordial welcome message
to all the newcomers in France for one year, my feeling is that
the return rate is about 10% to which we have to add some contributor
who reacted to my message (small tag correction) without answering.

Surprisingly there is almost a better (but still low) rate when
I write on old changeset to understand exotic tags.

Therefore, a bot that would ask for an explanation of a new tag
the same day it appeared would probably have a low response rate.
"Any tag you like" should be complemented by a simple and integrated
invitation to editors to document new tags on the fly.
without that, it's often "Any tag you like and no one else will

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